Through the OASIS Arts Project, OASIS provides students with instruction in a variety of modalities, including tap dance, cartooning, creative art journaling, and architectural design. In an effort to further encourage kids to embrace the arts, we invite mentoring from local professional artists, who commit to working with our students to help them discover their own amazing potential. As of 2018, OASIS will have impacted nearly 10,000 students in Orange County, California. The OASIS Arts Project engages professional artists to provide instruction to students.

OASIS Tap Dance program teaches students the basic fundamentals of tap dance. The class focuses on developing rhythm, proper technique, style and fun. The class is geared towards preparing the children to participate in at least one public performance, where the students build self-confidence through on-stage experience and recognition from prestigious, outside organizations.

OASIS Cartooning is a 10-week program, where students learn the art of storytelling through comic strips. They learn how to tell their unique stories by creating simple characters and applying sequential narrative principles, such as titles, dialogue, beginnings and conclusions. The goal is to build their self-confidence through imagination and creativity.

OASIS Creative Art Journaling is a 12-week program, where students will take a visual and creative journey of self-discovery as they explore the beauty in everyday life, family traditions and favorite memories. They will learn techniques for creative lettering, design, page lay-out, and subject matter. Students will use different art mediums; watercolors, colored pencils, permanent pens, and a mixed media journal will be provided with extra pages to continue their new skills. This is a class that can foster life-time enjoyment.

OASIS Master Artist Program (OMAP) offers an introduction to graphic design and digital design. Students learn how to proficiently use adobe illustrator and Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to create professional marketing resources such as logos, business cards, t-shirt graphics and graphic posters.

OASIS Built Environment Education Program + Sustainability (BEEP+S) challenges students with a series of hands-on projects wherein students discover the possibilities for landscape design work with natural elements.  BEEP+S offers opportunities to build systems and architectural models to minimize the overall environmental impact by designing around the collection of water and natural light (Smart Buildings) to benefit the climate by conserving and treating water (‘Green’ Landscapes). The program also integrates education on innovative technology to reduce the demands on our ecosystem by utilizing clean or renewable energy and conserving power (Sustainable Systems).

OASIS Architectural Design program focuses on creative problem solving, designing within constraints, working with the strengths and weaknesses of materials, and translating technical solutions to qualitative means of interactions that happen within spatial boundaries.