We invite mentors from local professional artist community. Our mentors commit to teaching, modeling and working with our students to help them discover their own amazing potential.

  • Abel Leba

    Abel Leba

    Abel Leba is a street artist, muralist, and oil painter. Born to a poor family of 10 in rural Indiana, Leba’s father died from aids in 2011. He attended the Art Institute of California graduating with a BA in visual design. Leba currently reside in Los Angeles with his new bride, dog Bosco the Affenpincher. Leba has worked with Sony, Foster the People, NBC, Oxygen, Warner Brothers, Nike, SPIKE TV, Firefox, Red Bull, ABC, 8bit The Black Eyed Peas and more. Leba has been featured by L.A. weekly, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, 12 Oz. Prophet, Brooklyn Street Art, High Fructose, Bombit and the Associated Press. Leba’s art exhibition location include ACE museum, 8bit, 50/50, Lab Art, Warner Brothers Studios, The Gabba Gallery, The Gold Haus Gallery, The Vortex Community center And Pop-up Galleries in France, New York, Berlin and Mexico. Leba served at DownTown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council as the Art Director from 2013-2014, an active member on little Tokyo's arts and culture board. I was a star on Oxygen’s street art throwdown 2014.

  • Martha Montoya

    Martha Montoya

    Martha owns and directs a unique media enterprise, Los Toons, cartoon characters she used to teach chemistry; one of the hardest subjects to maintain the attention of students.  She made the class fun and entertaining while teaching.  The concept of Edu-Entertaining was born. During her childhood she became very ill and was in and out of hospitals. It was during these periods when she created the characters that became her friends and helped her develop a sense of social awareness.  After her illness she spent all her vacations and free time visiting poor and sick people with a Catholic group by the name of “Legion de Maria” and further developed her characters while studying the Encíclicas Papales and helping her parents run the school they owned and served the working classes. At this time, she became very aware of the different socio-economic levels of our modern societies and decided that her characters would make their readers think and reflect:  Her characters and art would carry a message. During her upbringing, teachers and students alike constantly surrounded her. Her parents owned a high school with over 1500 students and a University with over 7,000 students. Her daily life in a “Teacher’s Home” enabled her to experience first-hand, and through her mother, the issues parents had to deal with in a day-to-day basis and made her very mature for her age, while helping her communicate better with children. Her characters and messages carry in today's multicultural world tolerance, patience, respect, laughter, joy, and the building of right human relations are essential, have been used in various projects to develop campaigns for educational purposes. She has worked with corporations or government agencies edu-entertaining campaigns ranging from how to use a bank, to how to guide yourself in a hospital, to compilations of these and other subjects to guide people through what could be a confusing situation.

  • Jason Rodgers

    Jason Rodgers

    Jason Rodgers is a professional tap dancer, choreographer, actor, and musician.  His credits include ABC's "Dancing With The Stars", Disney's "The Coppertop Flop Show", the Academy Awards, the Broadway musical "Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk", and the new dance series "DS2DIO" from Jon M. Chu (director Step Up 3D, G.I. Joe Retaliation). Most recently, Jason choreographed tap dance and performed for the "Dodge Bros." commercial campaign, Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, and the closing Ceremony of the 1st European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

  • Thea Calhoun

    Thea Calhoun

    Thea Calhoun lives an artful life!  Thea took art lessons beginning in elementary school which led her to receive a partial art scholarship to Chapman University.  Through an internship at Children's Hospital of Orange County Thea quickly discovered that Recreation Therapy was her calling.  She received her B.S. Degree in Recreation Therapy from CSULB.  Her dream job of working at CHOC became a reality, where she was the Dir. of Recreation Therapy for 15 years.  She and her staff of 15 and numerous volunteers planned programs for patients and prepared them for their hospital procedures.  Art Master's and Meet the Master's were programs at two schools that Thea taught.  Thea and her husband Phil, also teach the youth at their church. Thea says she is beyond blessed to be able to work with Oasis Center International where she helped to pioneer the Creative Art Journaling class.  She enjoys awakening the love of art in young lives and promotes these newly found skills in children to become hobbies that can last a lifetime!  Thea loves spending time with her husband and three children in their 20's, traveling, cooking, Bible Studies, art classes, calligraphy, volunteering in her daughter/teacher's 4th grade class and of course creative art journaling!  

  • Jennifer Wong

    Jennifer Wong

    Jennifer Noel Wong is a native Angeleno with a professional background in architecture, interior design and urban planning. She currently works full-time at CO Architects in Los Angeles and spends most weekends brainstorming ideas to make architecture and design workshops more available to kids in her local community. When she's not in the office or leading a workshop, you can find her exploring nature and social environments.

  • Brooke Ivory

    Brooke Ivory

    Brooke Ivory is a Choreographer, Instructor, Fitness Trainer and Performer originally from Denver, Colorado, Gracing performance stages acting and dancing since the age of three. Formally trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical; she has also studied African, Flamenco and Modern dance styles. Brooke teaches the principles of dance and performance while inspiring her students to confidently be who they are and shine. She promotes mindfulness in all aspects of her life and teaching while providing a fun, uplifting environment for students of all levels to learn, grow and discover their unique expressions through dance.

  • Mackenzie Shimon

    Mackenzie Shimon

    Mackenzie is blessed to have had dance as a staple throughout her life. Dance has provided Mackenzie with so many rich experiences from training and challenging herself physically, to taking her to new and exciting places from performing at Disney properties, amusement parks, and festivals to performing in New York, The Kennedy Center, and the White House. Mackenzie has also found dance to challenge her intellectually through her pursuit of dance academically, growing her choreography, and continuing her education in improved teaching methods. Mackenzie has always felt passionate about dance and hopes to help her students of all ages and styles grow their love of dance in their technique, confidence, and artistry. Mackenzie has been proud to partner with Oasis since 2019.